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Echo Global Logistics, Inc., a leading provider of technology-enabled transportation and supply chain management services, announced today the appointment of Cheryl Johnson to the post of Senior Vice President of Talent. Ms. Johnson holds more than 16 years of progressive HR industry experience, which includes several executive-level appointments.

Ms. Johnson previously led talent management for retail chain Ulta Cosmetics. Prior to her time with Ulta, Ms. Johnson served as Divisional Vice President of Strategic Talent Management for Sears Holding Company and also spent time as Vice President of Human Resources for Fossil Inc.


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Interview Killers – A Top Ten List of What Not To Do

Over the years I have interviewed hundreds of candidates. I have seen and heard things that would shock you and that you would never expect during an interview. So I have compiled a list of the top ten things not to do during an interview. Have fun!

10. Do not bring your boyfriend, best friend or children to an interview. This is horrible interview behavior. I once had a candidate bring her entire family – there were seven very rowdy people in our lobby. You can imagine what we were thinking.

9. Do not curse or use profane language during an interview. Absolutely someone has done this before and they were promptly removed from the running. Using profanity during an interview is unprofessional.

8. Do not chew gum or smoke during an interview. Again this goes back to professionalism and smacking gum during an interview = not professional.

7. Do not argue with the employer. Even if you know you are right beyond a shadow of a doubt about something it is just bad manners.

6. Do not put your briefcase, purse, pocketbook, handbag, etc. on the employer’s desk. This is more subjective then the rest but it goes along with their personal space and professional etiquette. You would not go to a stranger’s house and prop your feet on their dining room table… same theory here.

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There is no Reason to Lie on Your Resume or LinkedIn profile…ever! 

Unfortunately, faking an education or experience is more common than you might think.  With the economy the way it is, companies are downsizing and thus, more people are looking for jobs.  As a result, people are feeling pressure to ‘fabricate’ aspects of their resumes in order to stand out from the crowd.  We have seen resumes with fabricated educations, expansions of employment dates to remove gaps of unemployment or, even, to hide job experiences with a sour ending, just to avoid the reference check.   

Further, it is not just low-level candidates or young people forging their resumes; of course, everyone wants their resumes to look sharper and cleaner.  The line is crossed, however, when someone actually acts on the desire to appear as a better candidate.  I, once, had a 250k candidate that was getting a job offer for a consulting firm.  This person had the perfect experience and background the company desired: the only issue was the fact that the college degree was a fake.  When we ran two different

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Why a Boring Resume Yields Best Results

A boring resume? These are tough times and job seekers need to stand out in the crowd within this competitive marketplace. Yes, but they must also get through the crowd with a well written resume. The following emphasizes how a boring yet content rich resume will yield best results leading to more interviews and offers.

Your resume must be easy to read and will be judged by a combination of humans and Applicant Tracking Systems.

Your resume content is most important and must be displayed in the correct places.

It is easy for a resume screener to hit the delete button based upon distractions and nuances.

A well written resume gives the impression you are a top candidate, knowledgeable, and easy work  with.

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Time to Move on? Jump Start your Job Search

A slightly different approach today. A short story to start my slightly longer post. Please stay with me, there is a point to this … You are swimming in the ocean. It’s a beautiful day, the water is calm and you can see palm trees on the beach. Serenity - all is well, not a care in the world. All of a sudden, a large school of small fish swims past you, apparently in a hurry. That’s strange, you think. You wonder why they are in such a hurry? You look out over the horizon and you think you see a large shadow in the water about 100 feet out. Must be a cloud partially covering the sun. You are so relaxed, the ocean is wonderful. You look out over the horizon and now you see what must be a shark’s fin cutting through the water. How could you have been so foolish? All the signs were there - fish swimming away, a shadow in the water, and you ignored the signs. Now what? Should you stay very still in the hope that the shark will not see you or should you make a break for the shore?

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Interviews. Sounds fairly easy. All you have to do is talk about what you’ve done and how that relates to the job opportunity. In fact, the interview is the hardest part of the job search process and the single largest reason why people don’t get the job. Yes, you must have a great resume with relevant experience, but can you interview? But interviewing is not just talking about yourself, it’s asking the right questions, giving the right answers and expressing yourself in the right way. Today’s installment in CareerAlley’s Job Search Marketing Toolkit will focus on the interview process, providing some links to advice and resources to help you nail that interview. What is clear from the links below is that the overall theme is consistent (without being repetitious).

  • Acing the Interview - Another article from our friends at, this article provides an overview of what you need to do to “Ace the interview”. In addition to the basic steps, the article includes links to interview questions, company research (via and detailed responses. Following the article is an amazing list of additional resources including how to dress and additional related articles.

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6 Strategies to Pave the Way to Your Next Career

As you know more about your ideal green career destination, there are a number of ways you can move your career in that direction.

Are there any skills you need to add to help you step into your new career?

You can learn new skills in a variety of ways. Consider taking a class, taking on new responsibilities in the job you have, volunteer in your community or find a mentor.

Do you need to nurture a different network to build a stepping stone to your new career?

Join a national professional association, attend meetings at the local chapter meetings, and join a relevant volunteer project to plug into the active green network in your area. Combining these three tactics can strengthen your network.

Do you have a way to track the cutting edge developments in your target profession and industry?

Be on the look out for newsletters, blogs, and trade magazines you can read on a regular basis to keep up with the news. When you have the opportunity, talk with others in your field to get their take on developments. Devote some time each month to doing your own online research to see what you can learn.

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Why Outplacement Counseling is So Critical in Your Job Search

By Lorraine Russo

Believe it or not, there was actually a time when companies felt bad about cutting their employees loose. I know you might find this unimaginable now, but there really was a time when draconian, across-the-board layoffs were truly difficult decisions for some companies.

While scary, my first experience with being “displaced” was, in the end, a highly-positive one and opened dozens of doors for me. You see, this job loss resulted in my first and only exposure to outplacement counseling, and it changed the way that I would search for – and get – just about any job I applied for.

How did I do that? I’m going to give you little background on this, so please bear with me as I lay the groundwork for why outplacement counseling is so important.

In the mid-1980s, I worked for Mercantile Stores, a national retailer headquartered in New York City. I had my first professional job there as a technical writer, and was a loyal and happy employee for nearly seven years. One of the neat things about this company was that it literally started as a small dry goods store in the 1800s and evolved into a national department store chain (similar to a Macy’s type of department store). As they grew, they retained (and insisted upon) a “mom and pop” culture and treated their employees with dignity and respect.

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Re-recruiting Can Keep Good Employees On Board

Even in the worst job market in a generation, forward-thinking business owners know they can’t afford to take their best employees for granted. No matter what the unemployment figures are, great employees are always in demand.

A recent survey conducted by Robert Half International bears this out. Even in the current high-unemployment environment, four out of 10 (39 percent) senior executives said employee retention is their greatest staffing concern, and another two out of 10 (22 percent) named recruiting.

“Companies that lose top performers may not only experience declines in productivity, but they also incur significant costs in replacing these professionals,” said Robert Half International CEO Max Messmer, author of Human Resources Kit for Dummies.

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Excellent and Effective Resume Writing Strategies that Bring Results

In today’s tough economic climate, the competition for jobs is fierce indeed, which is all the more reason we need to be using effective resume writing strategies that work!

Here, we are not going to show you how to put your resume together; instead, we will share five excellent resume writing tips that you can use.

Tip #1: Know the job and company you are targeting.

Do your research before you start or update your resume. Look up the company you are applying to, and learn everything you can about it. Search online, talk with people in the industry, and make notes. Learn their mission statement, what their goals are, and how they are perceived in the community.

Notice that when you are researching the company, you are likely to see a few things or facts that stand out or are repeated. Also, this type of research could bring issues to the surface that you might not have noticed or learned about earlier. In fact, you might also uncover some information that might make you uncomfortable about the company, showing you that they may not be a good fit for you. Remember, even though you are focusing on their needs, and how you can benefit them, using effective resume writing strategies means that it has to feel good to you too!

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How You Begin Determines How You End.

In the movie “Cinderella Man”, Russell Crowe plays an aging boxer making a dramatic comeback.

It’s the Great Depression and Crowe’s character, Jimmy Braddock, once a mighty champion, has lost his way.

Well into his comeback, a reporter asks Braddock (I’m paraphrasing, I may not have the quotes dead-on):  “You’ve lost before.  What’s the difference this time?”

Braddock says, “I know what I’m fighting for.”

“What’s that?” asks the reporter.

And what follows is what I consider the most memorable and inspiring line in the whole movie …


That said it all.  He was fighting to feed his kids.

It gave him the strength to look defeat straight in the eye and say, “Okay, one more round.”

He was able to overcome failure because he had the energy and passion to achieve his goal of putting milk on the table.

Several years ago, I heard an interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger, before he became California governor, and the reporter asked (again paraphrasing): 

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