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Echo Global Logistics, Inc., a leading provider of technology-enabled transportation and supply chain management services, announced today the appointment of Cheryl Johnson to the post of Senior Vice President of Talent. Ms. Johnson holds more than 16 years of progressive HR industry experience, which includes several executive-level appointments.

Ms. Johnson previously led talent management for retail chain Ulta Cosmetics. Prior to her time with Ulta, Ms. Johnson served as Divisional Vice President of Strategic Talent Management for Sears Holding Company and also spent time as Vice President of Human Resources for Fossil Inc.


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The Secret to Landing Bigger Job Offers

Do you want a simple yet powerful way to secure bigger job offers?

It all starts in the interview - when money comes up.

If money comes up in the first interview or in a phone interview, and you give up information such as how much you made in your last position or what you are looking for in terms of compensation, then you have successfully steered the focus of the interview….in the wrong direction.

When money is brought to the spotlight before a company has had time to get to know you and all of the value you could bring to them, then how much it will “cost” to hire you will take center stage. And when this happens you will have to work harder in order to compel your interviewers to see above and beyond your price tag.

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You Want to Pay me What?

There’s no way I can justify my salary level, but I’m learning to live with it.” - Drew Carey

Most of us don’t struggle with the problem that Drew Carey has with his salary (quite the reverse), but we do learn to live with it. So what are you worth? Times not being what they used to be, it is difficult to figure out what you should be paid. This is especially true if you receive a bonus (not to mention if you work in Financial Services). And, while the vast majority of us will also not need to worry about our compensation being scrutinized by the government’s new salary czar, we do need to have a $ amount in mind when being offered a job. There are other variables to consider, such as:

  • Are you switching industries?
  • Are you relocating to a new city?
  • Are you currently unemployed?

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Who is Reading Your Executive Resume, and Why Should You Care?

For executives trying to outpace each other in an aggressive job market, the hunt can be challenging, stressful, and downright confusing, with plenty of career search advice to remember and strategies to implement.

One of the biggest mysteries that emerges for most people is that they can find a great job posting, apply to it, and then… nothing happens. Why isn’t the phone ringing?

It’s often that automated systems are “reading” your resume—and they don’t like what they see.

Under siege from job seekers, employers are trying to filter out unqualified applicants—at every level—as hard as they’re trying to get IN for an interview.

Automated systems (specifically called Applicant Tracking Systems) have accelerated the process of looking for keywords on resumes, with applications designed to count the number of times that crucial terms appear in each document.

ATS systems are regularly used by major employers, as they are an efficient solution to the deluge of resumes received for each open position.

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Top 5 ‘Golden Rules’ when working with a Recruiter

The recent economic climate has made a significant impact on the market; for both companies and employees. That’s right, on BOTH sides of the fence, players and coaches. This post is for the latter.

Always keep in mind that a good relationship with a solid agency will pay great dividends. Not so sure? Consider this: when’s the best time to have a ‘relationship’ with your attorney? Well, I’ll tell you when it’s NOT the best time: 3am, in jail, asking to borrow the yellow pages to make a phone call. Are you pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down? Great!

So, heed some of these basic, yet often overlooked items when working with a Recruiter during your next career transition. First, let me preface by suggesting the best approach is a hybrid, of sorts. Stay passively aware of potential opportunities in the market with a professional ‘talent scout’ so you can evaluate and make your decisions proactively. Not out of fear or necessity.  The best and brightest keep an eye open for opportunities that could potentially be better than their current situation… Is this disloyal? Heck no. It’s REALISTIC! Just because you admire the shape and looks of a BMW M5 doesn’t mean you’re gonna trade in your busted, beat up 1990 Saab… In today’s market uncertainty; Mergers & Acquisitions, buyouts, bankruptcy’s etc, don’t be surprised if you wind up in the same position…  Don’t stick your head in the sand and pretend it isn’t happening…

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The Six Biggest Applicant Lies

Although statistics vary widely, there is widespread agreement that a substantial number of resumes belong in the “fiction” section of the bookstore. The rate of fraud can be as high as 40% and higher according to different sources. Applicants certainly have the right to put their best foot forward, and puffing their qualifications is an American tradition. But when puffing crosses the line into fabrication, an employer needs to be concerned. When you hire an applicant who uses lies and fabrication to get hired, the issue is that the same type of dishonesty will continue once they have the job.

What are the six most common fabrications from job applicants? According to a nationally recognized background checking firm, Employment Screening Resources (, they are:

1. Claiming a degree not earned: Yes, believe it or not, applicants will make up a degree. Sometimes, they actually went to the school but never graduated. Some applicants may have had just a few credits to go, and decided to award themselves the degree anyway. On some occasions, an applicant will claim a degree from a school they did not even attend. The best practice for an employer is to state clearly on the application form that the applicant should list any school they want the employer to consider. In that way, if an applicant lies, the employer can act on the lack of truthfulness regardless of whether the educational requirement is part of the job requirements.

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Companies Need a Recovery Game Plan

With small but distinct signs of life in the economy, companies are plotting their recovery strategies for 2010.

“Recovery will not be restoration of the pre-recession market. Trying to get back to where we were will be like chasing a red herring,” said Jean Martin, executive director of the Corporate Leadership Council of the Corporate Executive Board, a global business research network.
It’s a whole new ballgame.

Dana R. Hermanson is a professor of accounting at the Kennesaw State University’s Coles College of Business. Photo by Leita Cowart, for the AJC.

“Sixty-seven percent of the employees we surveyed [in more than 5,100 leading companies] said that they had seen significant organizational reconstruction and changes during the recession that had thrown the normal drivers of companies off balance,” Martin said.

In its “Executive Guidance 2010” report, the Corporate Executive Board identifies six hidden enemies that could impede post-recession corporate performance.

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Working Strategies: Choosing a job target and getting started

With so many job seekers losing unemployment benefits this fall, it’s a good time to review the principles of career development and job search — particularly for those in transition to a new field.

Last week’s column discussed the fundamentals of developing a career plan. Today’s looks at choosing a job target. The following weeks will explore steps for building skills, revising your resume and conducting a job search outreach.

If you feel as if you’ve been hitting your head against the wall in your job search, you may be right.

Job searches that rely on online postings are doomed almost from the beginning by one of these two failings: Either you know exactly what you want and you’re being very selective, or you’re very open and you’re responding to everything.

In the first situation, you probably won’t find enough jobs to beat the odds and get chosen from among all the candidates for an interview. And in the second, you’re applying so broadly that you couldn’t possibly be among the top applicants in any given field.

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The Leader's Dilemma: Tough Love Or Compassion? It's No Walk In The Park.

There’s a time-honored story with a shocking ending that provides an intense learning lesson for leaders.  It zeroes in on a situation we face very day.

It’s about a man and an emperor moth.  (Author unknown.)  

Here’s the story in abbreviated form…

A man finds the bottle-shaped cocoon of an emperor moth.  Anxious to watch it emerge, he takes the cocoon home.  Months pass before he notices movement.

Amazed at this miracle of nature, he watches for hours as the moth struggles to free itself and squeeze through the tiny opening at the mouth of the cocoon.

It seemed stuck.  Concerned that nature had dealt this moth a cruel blow, and wanting to provide help and relief, the man used scissors to cut the cocoon, widen the opening, and liberate the moth.

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Employee Retention – 7 Tactics to Retain Your Most Valuable Asset

A survey developed by Robert Half International and independently conducted with 100 Canadian senior executives between September 15 and October 15, 2008 stated that 35% of the senior executives had employee retention as their greatest staffing concern.

Max Messmer, chairman and CEO of Robert Half International, states “Companies that lose top performers may not only experience declines in productivity but also incur significant costs in replacing these professionals.”

Furthermore, two additional recent studies have shown that smart organizations are investing in employee retention and engagement to weather the current recession. According to Douglas Matthews, President and CEO of Right Management, one-third of North American companies are planning to reduce their employees this year, but the other two-thirds are planning to “develop the employees they have to meet current and future needs so they can respond quickly to changing market demands and remain competitive.”

These forward-thinking employers are seeking ways to keep their employees engaged so they don’t become disengaged workers.

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90% of Employees say, “If you are sick – STAY HOME!!”

91 per cent of Americans said they want their co-workers to remain at home if they are infected with the H1N1 flu virus according to a national survey recently released by Mansfield Communications. And if you are considering going into work with the flu or symptoms of, 83 per cent of your co-workers say they are likely to inform a fellow colleague or senior management about a colleague in their workplace whom they think might be showing symptoms of the flu.

The survey, commissioned by Mansfield Communications Inc., interviewed 2,029 Americans with a subset of 1,232 full time and part time working Americans from October 5thth 2009 thru October 11th, 2009. It was intended to continue to gauge the readiness of workers and their employers for the H1N1 (swine flu) pandemic. The margin of error is +/- 2.2%, 19 times out of 20.

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