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XPO Logistics Acquires Norbert Dentressangle

XPO Logistics, Inc. (“XPO”) today announced that it has consummated the previously announced agreement to purchase all of the shares of Norbert Dentressangle SA held by Mr. Norbert Dentressangle and his family, representing 67% of the company`s outstanding shares, at a price of 217.50 euros per share.  Bradley Jacobs, chairman and chief executive officer of XPO Logistics, said, “We`re delighted to welcome the customers, employees and suppliers of Norbert Dentressangle to XPO. This combination is an important step in the continued execution of our growth strategy.”


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How to Create a Resume to Smooth Over 6 Common Job History Problems

Resume Problem 1: Employment gaps, including lengthy stretches of unemployment:

Solution: Only put on your resume the years you worked at each job, not the month and the year. Example: 2004 to 2009, not June 2004 to January 2009. If you were laid off in January 2009, and put this date on your resume, prospective employers will do the math and figure out you’ve been out of work for 17 months; however, if you just write the years, for all they know you could have been laid off in December 2009…5 months ago. Tons of people have been out of work that long. And, if your resume is well written with a good Look and Feel, companies will give you the benefit of the doubt and likely invite you in for an interview.

Resume Problem 2: Avoiding Age Discrimination:

Solution: Only list the last 20 years of your work experience. Beyond that, how relative is that experience? If you worked somewhere for 20+ years, you won’t be able to get around this. Also, do not list your college graduation dates unless you are in your 20’s or 30’s. Keep prospective employers in the dark about your age.

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10 Tips For Growing Your Business

1. Manage Accounts Receivable

Be courteous, but firm with customers. Most small businesses do not have the cash flow that allows the luxury of providing lines of credit to their customers. Track accounts receivables closely, and follow-up on past due accounts.

2. Have A Plan

Set goals, and have a plan with a time-line to achieve those goals. Support the plan with milestones and specific intended steps you need to take to attain the specified goals.

3. Analyze Data

Determine what is working, as well as what is not working. Also, consider what may not currently be a priority, but should be! Why pay for advertising that does not result in sales? Analyze web logs and sales data, and determine your ROI (Return On Investment). Get rid of the things that are not working, and focus on the things that are

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What Great Recruiters Do For You

by Mike Ramer

Over the past two decades, the art and science of recruiting has changed dramatically. I started recruiting in the early ’90s before PCs and the Internet. On my desk was a telephone, newspapers and directories. Remember the Rolodex?

Fast forward 20 years. Today, recruiters learn about companies and people through the web and social media. Myriad technologies (job sites, social media, ATS) assist in candidate research, lead generation and tracking.

In vogue is the science of recruiting. It is easier to source in a candidate-rich market using technology and the Internet. This is changing: The rebounding economy is increasing the demand for talent at all levels.

Technology can help find potential candidates.
But it can’t evaluate, recruit and secure talent.

Relationship recruiting expertise is needed now: Direct sourcing. Referral-based networking. Engaging potential candidates. Identifying, evaluating and motivating scarce talent. This takes experience and know-how. This is the art of recruiting.

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Unique Tips For Helping Executive Recruiters Find Your Resume

With more people than ever vying for the same executive job opportunities, it’s important that you take every unique step possible to make sure that recruiters can find your resume among the many others out there. But how exactly can you get this done?

Here are some tips to make sure to help your resume stand out among the rest.

Make LinkedIn Your Friend

It’s hard to over-stress just how great a tool LinkedIn is for those who are pursuing opportunities in the professional realm. As an executive, it works well in a number of ways.

First, it allows you to connect with individuals within your professional networking online, which is always great. Then you can connect with individuals who are connected to their professional networks to create more opportunities for yourself.

Also, because the site allows you to garner and give recommendations, you can build up your references right on the site.

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Top 7 Things You Should Know About Your Potential Employer Before Interviewing

by Anna Stewart

Before you go for your job interview, it is necessary that you know some information about your potential employer. This information will ensure that you will adequately prepare for the job interview. You will be more confident when answering interview questions and you will show your potential employer that you have a genuine interest of working with the organization. If you prepare well, you will increase your chances of getting the job.

The following 7 types of information about your potential employer will help you prepare for your job interview well.

1. Get general information about your potential employer. You can use the internet to research the business operations of the organization that you want to work with by looking at their recent articles posted on the press or their annual reports. You can also find information about the businesses that they compete with and with this information; you will cause your interviewer to have a feeling of admiration and respect for you.

2. Find information about the businesses that offer stiff competition to the organization you want to work with so that you will display this information in your job interview. You can get information about competitors by researching the companies that sell similar goods or services to the company you want to work with. Having this information will be impressive especially if your interviewer is a manager.

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3 Tips for Companies and Candidates for a Win-Win Offer

The Company:

Define what the role is worth to the organization.  Find out what fair market value for this position is as well.  Somewhere in between is the right number.  But don’t give a range unless you are really willing to pay that amount.
The Candidate:

Review your current salary history.  Determine the cost of your lifestyle.  Do not expect a company to “make up for your poor career salary history.”   If you receive an offer that exceeds any of your previous salary levels then consider yourself fortunate to receive that offer.

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How to Use Networking in your Job Search

If you are a job seeker who doesn’t use the internet then it might be very difficult for you to get a job. Networking is what will help you get a new job these days. Now for those of you who don’t know what networking is, it basically means that you start to build up alliances.

Networking isn’t the part where you ask someone if they have an opening, infect this start a long time before you even start to look for you job. There are various ways by which you network.

The first is you attend any sort of meeting which is professional or trade related or you volunteer for things or when you visit various clubs or religious groups or when you talk to people at chat rooms or sales people who are coming to your office. All this is a part of networking.

Nowadays the best way to get a job would be by using networking. Now there are many companies who don’t advertise the fact that they are hiring or they prefer to hire people who have been referred by their own employees. This way the work becomes easier for them and it save them a lot of time since they don’t have to advertise and go through each and every single resume which comes in and phone calls too.

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What Now? 5 Self-Affirming Mantras for Boomers

The brain is just like any other muscle in the body: what you do regularly is what it will become good at. And if you’re constantly telling your neurons to be anxious, negative, and worried about the seemingly impossible problem you need to solve, they’re going to become expert at making you feel like crap.

The good thing is, your brain is elastic, and you can teach it new tricks. Mantras are easy ways to distract your brain from its negative spiral and to get it on a more positive track. If trying a mantra seems cheesy to you, give me the benefit of the doubt and at least give it a try. You don’t even have to believe the mantra for it to stop your mind in its self-defeating tracks.

I’ve Gotten Through Way More Than This

It’s easy to get down on yourself and forget all the incredible things you’ve accomplished in your life, especially if you’re facing hardship. This mantra is great because it forces you to think of the past and all the obstacles you’ve surmounted, some of them certainly bigger than what you’re facing now. If you’re unemployed, think about that time you and your new spouse lived in your mice-infested apartment and ate dried beans for two months straight.

Because the truth is, you have gotten through more than what you’re facing now, and in all likelihood, you’ll get through this.

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The Best Approach to Job Search: Blend Traditional and Social Media Tactics

The most successful job searches are neither dumb luck nor magic. They are developed from strong networks that the job seeker has already built, both online and off. Effective job seekers must integrate social media outreach with the more traditional approach in order to present a consistent, aligned, professional image.

Recruiters are evaluated in part based on their abilities to screen qualified applicants, so they don’t react well to surprises, such as candidates whose interviews present an entirely different person from what is stated or implied on the resume. Job seekers often forget that human resource professionals are looking for the candidate they saw on paper, online, and in a profile photo-so consistency counts!

The best recommendation is that job seekers include links to their blog, LinkedIn profile, YouTube video resume-whatever online elements they have created-on their traditional resume. Standardize profiles across all social media sites, and link them together.

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The New Rules of Online Job Hunting

As any astute job seeker knows, the days of sitting on your duff 20, 30 or 40 hours a week while scouring the online job boards are over. But it’s not enough to simply slap a profile on LinkedIn, or make a couple of pithy tweets, and wait to see whether any of your contacts announce an employment opening.

To truly be a web-savvy job seeker, you need to embrace the new rules of online job hunting. Follow them, and it could make the difference between a protracted employment hunt and starting your next gig before spring.

Scouring the Job Boards for Openings vs. Using Them as a Research Tool

Old rule:
Mine the online job sites for employment openings to which you can submit your resume, but do so sparingly. The crafty job seeker knows when it’s time to get out of the house and press the flesh.

New rule: Forget about applying for work through the online jobs boards and posting your resume on them for all the recruiters of the world to see. Instead, the judicious job seeker uses online job sites for research only; sniffing out which companies are hiring, what sort of candidates they’re looking for and what experience is required. Then she’ll mine her LinkedIn, Facebook and other online networks for a contact who can make an introduction to a mover and shaker at the companies she’s learned are hiring. Why send your resume into the void when you can have a real live person at the firm you’re targeting pass along your resume for you?

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