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Microsoft Corp. moves to purchase the professional networking company, LinkedIn, for $26.2 billion.

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Companies Are Hiring

Despite what we may read or hear concerning anemic economic growth, recruiters are seeing companies hire an increasing number of candidates. This increase is across multiple industries  – manufacturing, distribution, sales, technology, and service providers.

What this means…

•    Hiring Authorities: Candidates are more receptive to considering outside opportunities.  A smooth and timely interview process will undoubtedly help in landing top talent.

•    Candidates: Companies are hiring industry experts across multiple business sectors.

Most professionals are aware of increased employment opportunities through their own company’s growth, industry news, and their phones are ringing. Our candidates are telling us they are getting multiple calls from recruiters about potential jobs.  They also tell us they are getting multiple interviews.

We are seeing the most successful hires completed by companies that have a thorough, dedicated, and timely interview process. Increasingly, we are seeing candidates considering multiple opportunities. They are now more willing to look outside their current role and are opening their options re: location, industry, title, career progression. Because candidates have choices, we will occasionally lose a candidate to another position. The leading reason for companies losing talent in the interview pipeline is time – a lengthy interview process.

We consult with our clients to help them streamline the interview process in an effort to minimize the chances of losing a top candidate (or a backup candidate). Though it’s always frustrating to lose a great candidate, the big picture is looking good: The unemployment rate for experienced college-educated professionals is @ 4.5% (US News, 10/12).
Good hunting!

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